Firewood Direct - Rotorua

Firewood Direct - Rotorua

We are in Waipa Valley - just 5 minutes south of Rotorua

We are located in Waipa State Mill Rd, just before Red Stag Timber. We do yard sales - just make sure to give us a call first in case we are out on a delivery.
For the very best firewood for your home be sure to buy it early, in summer. It probably wont be fully dry but will finish off in a well stacked airy place much better than it will in a big heap in our yard – and it will be cheaper to buy. Buy early, save money & enjoy your fire.

We sell Douglas Fir - the perfect firewood
We do deliveries
Yard sales Sat 9-1pm - self help bins, kindling
Other species sometimes available i.e. pine, cypress, macrocarpa, blackwood
Come and see us. Inspection welcome.

Firewood: A sustainable, renewable, energy source

Our first choice for firewood is Douglas Fir.

Reasons to like Douglas Fir
• Medium density – has good heat output and a long burning time
• Refractory species – which means it sheds water if it gets wet and resists decay for longer, unlike pine which soaks up water like blotting paper & then rots
• You can start your fire with Douglas Fir, unlike gum or native which needs to go onto an already hot fire
• Plantation grown, unlike native firewood, so is sustainable & renewable
• Has a straight grain and so is easy to split for kindling.
• Has a large percentage of heart wood and is very fast drying once felled. Is ready to burn in 2-3 months if correctly stored. Unlike gum which can take a year to dry.

If you don't want to mess around with mixed species, choosing the right one to start your fire with, then finding the hard wood for longer burning, stick with Douglas Fir. Douglas Fir ticks all the boxes.

All in all, Douglas Fir is the perfect firewood.

Firewood Direct - Rotorua

Ph: 07 345 9549
027 420 3087
Waipa State Mill Rd
Rotorua  3074
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