Goodwood Ltd

Goodwood Ltd

Goodwood Firewood Availiablity...

Goodwood Firewood is locally sourced and is saving the local landfills from wood waste. We specialise in kiln-dried pine off-cuts (which makes great kindling too) so you know you are getting some dry wood! Plus we deliver direct to your home. Goodwood Firewood is available year round, just call the office on 0508 4 GOODWOOD (0508 4 466 396).
Locally sourced wood
Pine offcuts which also doubles as great kindling
Available all year round
All our wood is dry and ready to burn
All Goodwood Firewood is gauranteed untreated

Environment in mind...

All Goodwood Firewood is gauranteed untreated. You can rest assured that the wood you will be burning will not be polluting the environment with chemicals used to treat some wood. Doing good feels great! Call the office and speak to us today.

Goodwood Ltd

Ph: 0508 4 466 396
PO Box 4636
Mount Maunganui
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