Ohaaki Heat - North Island

Ohaaki Heat - North Island


Ohaaki Heat is based in Reporoa, between Taupo and Rotorua. We have a unique firewood splitting and kiln drying process that results in near perfect drying and enables us to efficiently package the firewood for delivery to you, anywhere in the North Island.

Visit our Website by clicking the link above the map to place an online order or call our friendly team on 07 333 8802.
Real Wood, no additives! - Easy to light, no kindling required!
Certified Dry - Wood burns hotter for Longer!
Clean Burning - Less Ash, Smoke & Soot!
Convenient Packs - Delivered throughout North Island
Firewood you can trust!

What is Thermally Enhanced Firewood and why is it better?

Hi, Rod from Ohaaki Heat here...

Over the last three years we have developed a process we call thermal enhancement, whereby we improve the performance of sustainable pine by thermally drying it, therefore every piece burns hotter for longer.

"ThermalDry" means every piece of our firewood has been professionally dried in geothermal timber drying kilns to achieve near perfect moisture content for burning.

Ohaaki Heat Firewood is split by using a Sawing Technology process we call Saw Splitting. By using this process we are able to produce a uniformed product that results in consistent drying and more uniformed packaging.

Saw Split Firewood creates Less Mess and with our Oven Drying and packaging methods we deliver a product that is Free of bugs/dirt and grime and burns cleaner producing Less Smoke, Soot and Ash.

Ohaaki Heat - North Island

Ph: 07 333 8802
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