Valley Firewood

Valley Firewood

It's time to start getting wood in for Next Winter!

Don't get burnt this winter with inconsistent, mixed quality, green or under-delivered firewood. Our wood is well seasoned, great burning wood measured by the 'thrown' m3 & priced accordingly!"
We deliver top quality firewood direct to you, Or you can pick up from our yard in Roxburgh.
You need to plan ahead - There can be a 7 - 12 days from your order to delivery and even as long as 15 days sometimes through Autumn and Winter as demand gets very high. Order before Winter when it's not rain damp and while you don't need it straight away.
Open 7 days from March to August
We Deliver To
Alexandra/Clyde area
Both softwood and hardwood available

Pick Up Avaliable At Wholesale Prices

APRIL ONWARD >> It is likely you will receive your firewood 'rain damp' during Winter. Don't panic - our wood is top quality. The wet is only on the outside and as it is 'well seasoned', it will burn. You need to stack your firewood in a DRY, WELL VENTILATED space. The other secret to burning is preparing and operating your fire properly. Get dry kindling going first. If it is well seasoned but wet on the outside it's all about how you store, light and run your fire.

Valley Firewood

Ph: 021 137 6146
2 Ancrum St
Central Otago District 9500
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