Firewood4u has firewood for sale!

Cheap, quality firewood for quick delivery and great service from the firewood suppliers listed here.
Simply choose a Region of New Zealand and contact the firewood merchant directly to buy firewood.
Good Firewood suppliers will either supply dry firewood or tell you how long to store it before use.
They will never supply treated wood, painted wood or building waste.

slideshow of firewood stacks and fireplaces with burning logs

Firewood Tips:

•Always burn dry firewood because it gives off more heat, faster than wet wood. The water in wet wood has to heat up and evaporate before it can start to heat your home efficiently. When the water vaporises, most heat goes up the chimney, rather than into your home.

•Dry firewood, as opposed to wet firewood, is cleaner to burn, causing less pollution and fewer potential health problems.

•Use dry softwood like pine for kindling to get the fire going and hardwood like manuka once it is burning well.

•When storing firewood, keep it dry by covering it and keep it off the ground - try using a pallet or some bricks. Stack the wood loosely so air can flow around it.

Firewood Safety:

•Never use treated timber for firewood. The smoke may contain arsenic, tin, boron and more.

•Painted wood, Plywood, particleboard and MDF are not fireplace friendly either and can give off lead, zinc, copper and formaldehyde when burnt.

•Don't burn rubbish like plastics, magazines or boxes. Dispose of these items correctly, not in your fireplace.

•Don't use the vacuum cleaner to clean the ash form your fireplace... yep, its been done!

•Get in early and buy quality, safe firewood from one of the many professionals out there. Click a region on the left and find one now.

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