Wellington BBQs & Fire - Petone

Wellington BBQs & Fire - Petone

About our Kiln Dried Firewood...

For your convenience we have bags of kiln dried firewood in store or we stack 30 pre-packed bundles on a pallet which can be delivered. These individual bundles are easy to carry and stack. One pallet of wood produces the same heat output as 3.5 cubic metres of dry thrown wood with the added bonus of no mess and no bugs.

Contact us for more info or to place an order, open 7 days, ready to help!
Real wood, oven dried using recycled geothermal energy
Bags of Kiln dried firewood available in store now
Pellets of 30 pre-packed bundles available - can be delivered
Available from our Miramar or Petone Branches
Firewood you can trust

More Info about our Firewood...

Ohaakiheat firewood. Real wood, oven dried using recycled geothermal energy. "experience the difference" This wood produces more heat than normal.

Using recycled geothermal energy from the Ohaaki Power Station, every piece of firewood has been professionally oven dried in specially modified geothermal timber drying kilns. Advanced Geothermal Drying process Guarantees that every piece of Ohaaki Heat Firewood is dried to an average moisture content of 8%. Thermally enhancing the timber's performance, producing a new and exciting firewood product that is guaranteed to light easily, burn cleaner and produce more heat.

Wellington BBQs & Fire - Petone

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